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There’s more to sports than just rules.
This is a French connection like no other. Spanning a little over a decade, we’ve spent over ten years playing and practicing the game of putting a smile on the faces of all our Indian users. We are delighted sportspeople who have turned our passion into our job. To make sports sustainably accessible to the many is more than just a promise. It’s the collective goal we strive to achieve.

We are where we are needed. We go wherever sportspeople need us: wherever affordable, quality products are not currently accessible. Our priority is to serve the many,not the few, to ensure that sport is universally accessible, rather than a privilege.

We inspire. We share our values every day with our users and our teammates, as well as with anyone else we come across! Sometimes we bounce off these values, which often inspire new projects that we are proud to put our weight behind.

At Decathlon we didn’t reinvent the game, we simply made the gameplay more interesting and we are all set to bring this experience to Saket. We are moving a step closer to our dream of making sports accessible. So the next time you pass by a Decathlon store, don’t forget to drop by and see how we play it at Decathlon.