#RiseUp Be Bold, Be Yourself
#RiseUp Be Bold, Be Yourself
April 14, 2022

#RiseUp Be Bold, Be Yourself

#RiseUp and go beyond the standards others have set for you, break the norms, and let your light shine through. This is the lesson that Indian women have been teaching us for decades now. This summer, Select CITYWALK pays its tribute to four such iconic women who have taken action and carved a niche for themselves. Against all odds.

Karina Aggarwal

A woman working in the alcoholic beverages industry? That’s impossible. Proving such biases wrong and Rising Up and beyond taboos and judgemental perceptions is the strong and incredibly beautiful Karina Aggarwal. She’s the Director of Gigglewater Beverage Concepts Ltd. and the lady whom the Lonely Planet calls “the most coveted name in the Indian alcovbev industry”. Karina went from being a blogger and reviewer to becoming one of the most sought-after brand consultants, researcher and strategist, and spirits consultant in the country. As the VP of Terai Gin, Karina has managed to shine a spotlight on the first indigenous craft gin in the country.


Suhasini Mulay

Suhasini Mulay is now a household name. You must have seen her in a number of Hindi and Marathi films, television series, plays, and OTT series. You must have admired her extraordinary acting skills in films like Hu Tu Tu and in the Netflix special The Fame Game. While it takes a great deal of skill to stay in the spotlight, it takes an amazing amount of courage to break social stereotypes and choose love. Suhasini found the love of her life online and tied the knot at the age of 61. Now that is living life to the fullest!

Ankita Jain

Women are not good with handling finances, they’re meant to go shop, right? Wrong! Leading by Breaking all orthodox ideas of women not being suited for finances or leadership roles, Ankita founded gopaisa.com – the fintech company that has grown by leaps and bounds over the past few years. Being young and being a woman is often considered a disadvantage in the financial world but Ankita persevered and has been successful in making GoPaisa much sought-after savings and investment destination. In recognition of her pathbreaking work, Ankita was awarded the Young Innovator award by Women Economic Forum (WEF)


Sakshi Sindwani

Models must be size zero. Models must starve and look thin. Models are not meant to be curvy. Rising up and above all these norms, Sakshi Sindwani went from being body shamed to being one of the most admired body-positive models. If you are on Instagram, chances are you love and follow StyleMeUpWithSakshi. Real women are curvy, size doesn’t matter when it comes to beauty, fashion, and glamour – that is the message that Sakshi has been working hard to spread and she has found endorsement from a number of corners. Sakshi has been awarded the Body Positivity Icon-2021 award at the Cosmopolitan Blogger awards.


Select CITYWALK is honoured to be associated with such strong, beautiful, and brave women who live life on their own terms. Bravo!